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How to prepare effective meetings

In this 60-minute pro webinar, you’ll gain hands-on tools for preparing a meeting, which 70% makes a meeting effective. You will be able to significantly improve the time to organize it and the internal communication between the participating members of the meeting itself.


Thanks to this webinar you will learn how to:
– Write the right communication to call a meeting
– Establish the goals of a meeting
– Write an effective meeting agenda
– How to spend minimal time for preparation

The webinar is suitable for all professionals who want to make their meetings more productive.

Work well (also) in smart working

Smart working, remote working, agile working, the world of work has changed, and so we have to ‘update’ our skills. In the ‘smart’ webinar of only 45 minutes, we will give you the tools to better organize your working day from home or from the office.


Thanks to this webinar you will learn how to:

  • The 3 pillars of smart working
  • Personal organization
  • Communication with colleagues at home and in the office
  • How to keep relationships at a distance
    The webinar is dedicated to all who are facing the ongoing change and want to keep their job satisfaction high

Handle complexity on A3 paper

What are the first skills you need to develop to manage the constant and pressing challenges that arise every day?

In this webinar we will teach you 2 extraordinary skills:
Bottom Up Mindmap, to manage the complexity in your business
– The energizing routine in the morning, to learn how to recharge and restart every day.

To create a new strategy and face the change taking place, to make the management of the work flow more organized, fluid, goal-oriented, to feel the mind less crowded, dedicate 60 minutes.

Time management

Good time management is the foundation of your personal and professional success. Being in control of your time is essential to increase efficiency and productivity, and above all to balance personal and work life.

In this pro webinar, we will teach you 3 fundamental tools for organizing time:
Eisenhower matrix, to manage priorities;
BAD technique, to manage everyday life,
– a meditation technique to regain calm and focus.

A 60-minute webinar, aimed at EVERYONE, to acquire an effective method that you can immediately put into practice in your daily life

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