Tests on emotional intelligence

Tools and strategies for remote workers to improve work performance and personal satisfaction.

The emotional intelligence test will give you an accurate map of your ’emotional’ functioning that you can hang on to and study every day in order to improve and get better. A test to assess your strengths and weaknesses is the best way to understand where to start in the process of change you desire and deserve.

The SEI Questionnaire is the only test built on the specifics of the Six Seconds theoretical model of emotional intelligence. The study project that led to the definition of SEI was long and demanding in order to ensure the reliability of the data thanks to the many pre-test phases that have been conducted over the years.

Learning objectives

The Emotional Intelligence Test is suitable for coaching, training and personal and professional growth.

Instrument features

The questionnaire is equipped with several scales to make the final result reliable and an accurate assessment element:

Correction Index

  • Response Style – the questionnaire corrects the scores, re-adjusting the picture, based on the way the person reacts to the questionnaire items

Attractiveness Indices

  • Consistency – information that provides insight into the degree of consistency maintained by the person during completion
  • Compilation Time – information that assesses the duration of the compilation by comparing it with an average time
  • Overestimation Index – information that provides feedback on the respondent’s perception of themselves
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