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Distance Selling

Become a more effective salesperson by acquiring key ‘distance’ selling skills


Become a more effective salesperson by acquiring key ‘distance’ selling skills. Through this course you will learn how to manage distance selling tools effectively, develop techniques for managing customer relationships at a distance, and practise distance selling techniques.

Learning objectives

This training course is designed to help professionals achieve sales success for themselves or their organisation in an increasingly challenging environment. A programme to complement one’s sales skills with the acquisition of the necessary skills to manage at a distance, using the right tools, improving communication skills, studying the different sales cycle, studying technological aspects to support one’s work.

  • Identify the differences from face-to-face selling
  • Identify effective solutions to sell better at a distance

Expected results

  • Develop the knowledge to update one’s skills with the digital world
  • Apply the techniques that make distance selling an additional tool

Course structure

The course is organised in 4 meetings of 2.5 hours each:


  • Introduction on the sales process
  • The 4 phases of selling
  • The online opening (how to create empathy on a technical and communicative level)
  • How to use voice in this phase
  • Growth mindset


  • The online needs analysis (the role of questions)
  • How to use voice in this phase
  • The state of the seller


  • The product presentation
  • Remote presentation techniques (features, advantages and benefits)
  • The buying process
  • How to use voice in this phase


  • Handling objections
  • Closing the sale
  • How to use your voice in this phase

What they say about us

All the aspects covered are very helpful and I feel very motivated to put into practice what I have learnt, really every single concept! I have found the remote relationship tool indispensable in the effective management of my day-to-day business, Super Helpful.

Sales Manager Epta Group