4 Focus Coaching

Executive coaching refers to the set of those processes that develop skills, resources and competences towards key figures in companies, such as directors, managers, CEOs, decisive roles in the good governance of a company

4 Focus Coaching refers to the set of those processes that develop skills and resources towards key corporate figures, such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, directors, all managers in key roles in the good governance of a company.

An effective and fast solution that helps organizations, business owners, and boards of directors to:

  • better define management roles and align them with strategic objectives
  • assess the capacity of the existing leadership team to achieve these objectives
  • work with them to maximize their leadership potential all the following 4 focuses Self, Team, Business, and Future.

Training Goals

  • Improving the impact and the performance of leaders
  • Developing a personal growth plan
  • Improving the management of the team
  • Identifying and focusing on priorities of professional leadership
  • Focus on the main areas of corporate impact

The 4 focuses of the route

1) SELF-FOCUS: getting to know yourself to resist the trap of fear.

2) TEAM FOCUS: support the number one resource, the team.

3) BUSINESS FOCUS: get your business working quickly now.

4) FUTURE FOCUS: predict opportunities and risks.

What they say about us

The 4 FOCUS training has brought significant changes to the company. It is a concrete personal and group experience. I am realizing many things about my leadership modalities. It is a compelling method that combined with the great skill of the teacher will make a difference in this era of chaotic management. The abilities of individuals have lost that ‘egocentricity’ part to put themselves at the service of the group. This is a great thing!

Roberta Cippà (C.E.O. Cippà Trasporti)

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