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What is the Human Touch of InformaAzione

The Human Touch of InformaAzione is a unique and innovative approach to training that inserts a HUMAN component to every DIGITAL learning path.
Born in an increasingly smart and connected world of work, Human Touch integrates digital training projects with the values of collaboration and cooperation, giving life to complete, stimulating, personalized and satisfying paths. We at InformaAzione have always believed in the importance of relationships with others in order to improve not only ourselves but also the groups we belong to and the work environment. Human Touch brings to training the right mix between digital and human, innovation and tradition, hard and soft skills.

The values of the Human Touch

Encounter with the other: human relationships are essential to feel good and improve, comparison and dialogue with other people stimulates personal growth. At a time like this, when encounters are rare and difficult, the Human Touch teaches you to live them to the fullest.

Digital skills: we firmly believe in the importance of technology, which however must never become slavery. The Human Touch training courses help you acquire the right soft skills to master it and not forget the human potential.

Group training: growing and learning together is better than doing it alone. Comparison with the experience of others provides you with interesting and unexpected inputs, helps you develop new skills and motivate you along the learning path.

The scientific basis of the Human Touch

Scientific studies and research can help us understand the importance of human relationships. The Maslow pyramid, for example, is a model of human development based on a hierarchy of needs: at the base there are the essential needs for survival, while going up one meets the higher needs, that is relational and then spiritual. After the physiological needs (physical well-being) and those of security (effective, working and economic stability) we find the needs of belonging: each of us needs to be part of a group, collaborate, participate, feel one community element. In other words, each of us needs human relationships.

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An e-learning course alone cannot satisfy this need: the Human Touch, thanks to the opportunities for dialogue it creates with other people, fills this lack of digital and builds a strong sense of belonging.

What you will get with the Human Touch

Ability to listen and relate to each other

Desire to make the knowledge of others their own

Awareness of oneself and one's own value

Multiplication of stimuli and learning

Greater engagement in the training path

Sense of belonging and involvement in the group

Ability to work in a team

Job satisfaction

How does it work

Human Touch is an approach that works with all ONLINE training courses. If you choose the Human Touch, your training path will be enriched with a human component that will make the course tools more effective:

Coaching: you will have at your disposal the figure of a coach who will help you better understand your needs and focus your efforts

Team coaching: through the relationship and the comparison, learn the rules to make the team work, whether you work in presence or remotely

Guided relationship between bosses, collaborators, generational gaps, and between different teams: the dialogue will stimulate learning and help you verify the knowledge acquired along the way