Teddy SPA

In a hyper competitive, complex and uncertain world, it is not enough just to be good technicians, but it is increasingly important to learn and train soft skills. The ideas transmitted and tested with InformaAzione have opened our minds and force us to constantly rethink and reposition our role.

Renata Saragoni – Manager Teddy SPA


Working on priorities, I realized that certain actions that I kept postponing were actually absolutely fundamental: I made sure to put quality action a day and I saw things flow again especially in the relationship with my colleagues.

DC Manager H&M

Menarini spa

I was personally impressed by the very practical approach of information training. The doctors are so enthusiastic that they have asked for a follow up to implement the use of some of the tools learned in the field and with some of their practical cases. They immediately put emotional intelligence into practice! I have found improvement in people and they continue to apply the tools on a daily basis!

Training Manager Menarini spa


After the course I developed a different attitude towards people. I pay more attention. I have given positive feedback to make deposits of trust in people. I see them more relaxed, more participatory. I asked them more often, indeed almost always “how can I help you?”, And above all I did what we call “put the fish on the table”: I faced the thorny questions, asking and sharing my expectations, solving the problems when they were still in their infancy.

Trainer SACE

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